Frances Morris Gallery

“Frances Morris’ paintings reveal both patient observation and careful technique, the traditional attributes of craftsmanship. Seen as illustration they are accurate, as design graceful but beyond these virtues lie the subtle and elusive qualities which distinguish works of Art. Familiar or exotic in subject, ingenious or mysterious in mood, Frances Morris’ paintings paintings can stun with an explosion of form and colour, clear and clean…”
Jan Green, TIB Lane Gallery, Manchester

“We then move on to the main body of work, which is made up of thirty original paintings by Frances Morris, exquisitely reproduced by the publisheds. The Paintings are suberb – none of the so-called “modern” nonsense, which so often masquerades under the name of art – in this book. In each the artist has caught the mood and realism of the Fermanagh Landscape in her own unique, subtly surreal style…”
Joe Crawford, “The Spark” Magazine

“…While there is no denying the wide variety of visual stimuli which inspires Frances, I personally feel that she is never more at home than when confronted by a rich variety of water, bathed in the gentle light of a secret place. For me the bay of the boat, with its beautiful soft nuances of colour and scintillating light, contains the essence of the work of Frances Morris…”
Gordon Johnson, N.D.D.’ A.T.D.

“By her deft craft craftsmanship and artistic vision Frances Morris has once again succeeded in entertaining us…”
Dr Christopher J Corr (MA)

“Frances not only capture the topography of the landscape but imbues it also with a special sense of uniqueness. The careful observation and beautiful execution evident in her work enhances rather than obscures the emotion in each painting and this is, I suppose, the distinguishing factor of a work of art as opposed to an illustration…”
Lawson Burch, R.U.A.

“…Ms Morris enjoys quite the opposite, revelling in complicated natural patterns. She chooses to depict landscapes with gnarled, windswept trees and wonderfully complex reflections…”
Elizabeth Baird, Belfast Telegraph

“…Dazzling new paintings are a stroke of genius. The new collection, which features stunning paintings capturing the spirit of the locations in Venice and France, heralds a new journey in the artist’s career…”
Ann Palmer, News Letter

Winter Exhibition 2022

Frances’ “Winter Exhibition: Rainbow Skies

    • NEW 2022 Original Paintings
    • Large collection of limited edition Giclee prints including miniatures suitable for that special Christmas gift
    • 17 The Buttermarket, Enniskillen

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 12.00 – 4.00 or by appointment. Tel. 0044 (0) 28 66 328645